Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Future Learn: Explore Filmmaking Week 3 Activity

I felt as though the scene would be dated (1960-ish). Pale Yellow to reflect the father. An understated love felt between the family members - which is reflected by the family photos that cover the wall the tight space, of which they call a kitchen. The first 2 photos reflect an overall feel of the dated, tiny kitchen. I imagine the kitchen table to be scrunched into a corner somewhere. I enjoy a good mis-match of table & chairs in design & that's what the last 2 photos show.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

This just in ... [Insert Fanfare} Mazl tov Bernadette! This Year Takes Mountain Of Laughs Comedy Festival ... Next Year BAFTAs

Fiddler on the Roof: Breaking News ...

Look who brought home "Best Music” at the Mountain of Laughs Comedy Festival with “Is That A Real Gun?”  [And I didn’t even sing back-up or play my recorder from 4th grade in the film]  YAY!!! Congrats Bernadette!! Mazl tov!!!!!!! 

See notes below! 

I’m sure many of you are worried, now that we are working with a luminary in the film industry, but Bernadette has assured me that she will not let her new found stardom distract from the show. And after carefully & ruthlessly negotiating with her agent, Bernadette has agreed to selflessly to continue-on as stage manger. I did somehow finagled her to agree to taking selfies with cast & crew members. We are still working on negotiations relating to autographs … so please stay tuned. 

There were however a few stipulations for her to agree to the “selfie meet & greet': 
1) Everyone must show up on time (& Incase you missed the Susan’s 3 emails & Bernadette’s & you still need your call time I’ve included it at the bottom - honestly, I just didn’t want to feel left out by not sending it to you) 
2) Everyone must know their lines 
3) Everyone must know their blocking(& remember a “V” it looks like, well it looks like that back there ⏎, it can also look like this “<“ or this “>” or this “^” … but mainly this “V”) 
4) Everyone must focus & remember to give each other space for chemistry to appear in to its element [<- amp="" barium="" but="" can="" chemistry="" couldn="" crack="" div="" element="" get="" help="" i="" in="" it="" its="" last="" m="" me="" myself="" nbsp="" on="" one="" periodically="" poor="" puns="" really="" should="" so="" sorry="" t="" take="" tell="" that="" them="" these="" they="" up="">
4.B) Remember like I said …Focus. Focusing is key! As is staying quite … so focusing & silence are key(s) [to what lost city - well that’s a riddle that has yet to be solved] Moving on ...
5) Everyone must know their motivation (internally so that we see it externally) 
6) Everyone must know the name of that man who parted the Red Sea 

If all these stipulations are met by every cast member — then we have a deal & your can share your wonderful meet & greet experiences to the entire world via social media. I know this is a lot to take in, but just breathe, you can do this!  

If you’re starting to get a bit nervous about working with a famous person (I.e. Bernadette)  I’ve included a few tips/guidelines.

Things to remember when working with a star:
Like a feral animal - a person graced by new found fame can sometimes startle easily.
  • So please approach with caution & never from directly behind them 
  • No flash photography - as for reasons stated above & because it has been linked to the provocation of an attack 
  • Never make direct eye contact [especially if one is in alpha mode - the animal I mean]
  • Speak softly & calmly -  but get to the point
  • If the aristocracy smiles at you - smile back [If an animal smiles at you, particularly primates - it means you probably broke guideline #3 & now you should run ... run away fast! As you should never be able to count the number a teeth an animal has] 
  • Always be polite & remember to thank them for their generosity for allowing you to stand in their presence [or for not eating you, if it is actually a wild animal]
If you follow those simple tips - you stand a fairly good chance of walking away unscathed from your encounter & a decent selfie.  

Break legs today - just not each others! 

Your local polymath of human & wildlife interaction,

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Future Learn:

"An Exercise to Develop Character Outlines"

  1. Comforts Mr. Chambers 
  2. Heads to the only safe place she knows.
  3. Escape the Theatre via motorbike
  4. Pulls Mr. Chamber from elevator
  5. Shoots #2 Terrorist 
  6. Shows us she speaks Albanian fluently    
  7. Kills 1st Terrorist in hand-to-hand combat 
  8. Leaves safety of custodial closet 
  9. Falls into “old self” 
  10. Makes it to safety with Mr. Chambers in “custodial closet” 
  11. Pulls Mr. Chambers from his dead wife 
  12. Pushes Mr. Chambers out of line of fire 
  13. Notices something no one else would 
  14. Leads Mr. Chambers to meeting
  15. Meets Mr. Chambers 
  16. Struggling to keep up at work
  17. Morning routine
  18. Flashbacks from previous life giving us clues to who she is 

Wants and Needs
Yes, in the since of she knows she wants to stay alive. Did she know she 
wanted to help someone through the loss of a loved one - probably not 
since she’s just working through that herself. 

Character’s Basic Psychology
She’s intelligent, hard working, eager to please, a novice at her new job, 
mysterious, youthful - but with “old eyes” as if she’s seen a lot but it hasn’t 
ruined her, brave, witty, caring, strong, & attentive. 

Character’s Superficial Affect
Nice girl-next-door type, bright future ahead, seems to have a good head
on her shoulders, but clearly running from something 

Physical Characteristics

Athletic - but not overpowering just capable, beautiful - but with a since of “obtainability” 

Monday, May 09, 2016

Happy Late Mother's Day Mum!

It's been years since I've posted anything - but it's time to start again I think. Loads has happened since my last posting.

It would take days to catch up but here's a quick re-cap:
Graduated Troy University with my BSN - 2011 Started working as an RN - 2011 
Got Engaged - December 24, 2012
Got Un-Engaged - August 2, 2013 
Bought a House - June 2014 
Started MSN Program - August 2014 
MSN Graduation Date - August 13, 2016 (Can't come soon enough)

So that pretty much does it -- okay, well there's loads missing but it brings us to the story I'm about to tell ... 

If I don’t write this - I feel as though I might regret it. If I do - well it means that I am human & therefore experience emotions - which for some reason our society has deemed “uncool”. Either way it seems writing could defiantly help me work through this weekend. When I broke off my engagement a few years ago - my family always worried Christmas Eve would be a bitter holiday (because that’s when we got engaged) … We were wrong. 

Mother’s Day for the past few years, unbeknownst to anyone, has been a difficult day for me the past few years. Not so long ago I, too, was receiving gifts & cards on this holiday. My fiancé at the time had a daughter - who I loved dearly. We can call her "Maggie" for the rest of this story. I know it may have seemed to most people that I was pretty guarded around Maggie and at times seemed distant with her. I’m not sure now if it is because somewhere deep inside I knew long before the relationship ended that it would eventually come to that or if I’m just that terrified to open myself up to love.

I think it was more the first - but I’m sure the second reason played it’s part too. I did however love Maggie more deeply than I thought possible. While she still had a loving mother, I too was about to take that role on. It weighed heavily on my brain & heart as I contemplated, calculated & contrived some sort of idea of what I wanted me & Maggie’s relationship to be. I had no intentions of attempting to take her mothers place, but I didn’t want us to just be friends. I wanted that mother-daughter relationship - but how that would evolve I would have no idea. I fervently prayed over the 3 of us & how our relationship as a family would play out. 

It opened my eyes to a whole new world. My parents have set a great example of what a marriage should look like, and because of this I thought I knew what a marriage should look like. It’s not before you actually enter into one do you actually know what it is biblically about. I think the same thing could be said for parenting. Until you are about to have a child (in whatever form that my be - childbirth, surrogacy, adoption) do you really know what it’s all about. I thought I knew what parenting was about - because I’d had great parents. But it wasn’t until I was about to be responsible for an innocent life did I realize what it was about. I realized that during all my contemplating, calculating & contriving - that I had one goal as a parent - and one goal only. To raise a follower of Christ. 

My only job after that seemed simpler yet overwhelming terrifying. As Maggie would one day be left to make her own choice. It was my job as a Christian parent to lay the stepping stones for my child - so that when that day comes - it doesn’t seem like a conscious choice - but more of a of an unconscious one - a lifestyle. I want my future kids when asked “When did you decide to follow Christ?” to have a hard time finding an answer - because I want their answer to be “When was I not follower Christ?” 

To the step-moms who are willing to love someone else’s child as your own. To open yourself up to heartache & the possibility of rejection - because after all the kids do have all the power. Thank you! You brave souls! I’ve seen a lot of great step-moms & some not so much - but the one’s that were great - always stick out. It’s as if those women somehow loved more - maybe because they had more to lose or it seems as if a greater risk was being taken. Because when you’re dating a man with children - you are never just dating him - you’re dating everyone. And should that relationship fail - it has failed for everyone - not just a man & woman. Great step-mom defy all boundaries! I salute you! To kids who love their step-moms & let them in — I thank you one behalf of them! You made our lives better! To the women without children - I can guarantee you’ve “mothered” someone in your life. Which in most cases, was done out of love, genuine caring, and responsibility. Nurturing is a natural emotion for women - even if some try & keep it hidden. Me & everyone you’ve ever “mothered” thank you! So “Happy “Mothering” Day” 


Me & my ex-fiance's relationship ended rather peacefully - both understanding that neither of us did anything "wrong" - we just weren't meant to enter into a marriage together. Just because someone hasn't done anything wrong - doesn't mean they're "Mr. or Mrs. Right" 

After everything, I know this - when the time comes for me to be a mother - I’m going to be brilliant! I’m not going to be perfect, but brilliant. I’m going to be awesome because I now know - wherever my kids come from, no matter how or when I acquire them - they will be loved. And loved unconditionally. I know that when it comes time to raise them that I’ve got God on my side; and He will gladly show me my flaws & my high points as a mom. He will lead me in finding the best way to show Him to my children - so that they know Him. I won’t be perfect - but I will be great, but only because He is great. 

Basically in a strange - round about way - I’m saying “thanks” to my mom. Who in my eyes is perfect. She somehow managed to raise two successful, educated, patriotic, contributing members of society, who are loving, funny, outgoing — but most importantly you raised 2 followers of Christ. 

I could not be the mother I one day will be - without of having you as a mom! So today, me & my future kids thank you! (No one worry - when I say future I mean WAY WAY WAY future - I’ve got loads of adventures to take before I take on the adventure of kids). I’m not sure that mine or Heather’s life is the one you planned out for us - but Heather & I could probably say the same thing, but I’m glad I’ve had you to share it with!

Happy Late Mother’s Day Mum! :)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Strength for Soldiers in the Prattville Progress and Montgomery Advertiser :)

Nursing student offers strength for soldiers overseas

By Hamilton Richardson
Progress staff writer

Soldiers who serve the coun­try overseas often deal with loneliness and discouragement, having become detached from family members for long periods of time.

Those servicemen and wom­en who come from the local area, however, now have an advocate who has dedicated herself to help them with some of those difficulties.

Audra Mickle, who grew up in Prattville and whose family still lives in the area, recently embarked on a journey to help make the lives of those serving overseas a little brighter.

"One of my closest friends, Doug Orr, came up to me one Sunday at church and said he was shipping out in five weeks, and that he would be gone for nine months," Mickle said.

Orr was a chaplain in the Navy and was heading out in early January for an undis­closed location overseas. Orr told Mickle and the congrega­tion of Verbena United Method­ist Church that he wanted their support in providing devotional books to other deployed solders.

"I was part of that congrega­tion that morning and I knew that Doug was right and that I had to do something," Mickle said. "I sat down and decided that I was going to start a non­profit organization and raise money for the devotional books and try and help assist deployed chaplains."

The book Orr recommended was called "Strength for Service to God and Country" and in­cluded devotional readings from the 1940s. The book is water­proof and tear-resistant and in­cludes 365 devotions by leading protestant ministers in 1942. There are also 40 other contribu­tions from Roman Catholic cler­gy and African-American church leaders.

Mickle had no idea however how hard it would be to start a non-profit organization and do all that it would take to make it work.

"I was at the bank every day for two weeks," Mickle joked. "I had to call the IRS and I'm not a tax accountant. The idea was a solid one but little did I know what I was getting myself into."

Mickle eventually did get her nonprofit organization, which she named Strength for Sol­diers, off the ground. Her efforts included the establishment of a board of directors, which in­cludes herself, her mother, Doug Orr, and an accountant, David Bowen. Mickle was even able to send out her first shipment of devotionals.

"It's a big deal. It was only about 10 books," she said. "We sent them to California to Doug's mailing address to be for­warded. Doug will hand them out to other chaplains to be used for the soldiers."

Cokesbury, which is the re­tail division of The United Meth­odist Publishing House, has agreed to sell Mickle's organiza­tion the devotional books for $5 each with a further discount for large orders.

Mickle is now trying to estab­lish connections with churches, businesses, and other organiza­tions to seek further funding for her efforts. She also plans to con­tact state representatives and even the governor's office as well as local Christian groups.

"Some churches have been receptive. I thought about talk­ing with clubs at the high schools," Mickle said.

Mickle, as well as heading up her new nonprofit, also plans to become a registered nurse and do medical mission work in Af­rica. She is currently in her first semester of nursing school at Troy University.

Student, 19, helps troops with books

Audra Mickle's friend told her he was deploying, and she wanted to help.
Lt. Doug Orr, a Navy Reserve chaplain and a pastor at a church in Verbena, asked his congregation to support the troops while he was away.

"I thought I could do something, too," Mickle said.

Before he left, Orr told his congregation at Verbena United Methodist Church that he and the other Navy chaplains he was deploying with had agreed on a non-denominational devotion book called "Strength For Service to God and Country."

They had decided they would distribute the books to troops and use them in services.

She didn't really know what she was doing at first, but with a little help from her mom and a few others, she set up a nonprofit group called Strength for Soldiers.

Mickle, 19, is a nursing student at Troy University in Troy, but in her limited free time, she raises money to send devotion books and other needed items to Orr.

"It's a huge priority for me," she said.

Mickle's father was deployed while she was in junior high , but she said she didn't really understand it as much then.

Now, she wants to support her military friend and what he wants is for people to support the troops.

One reason is because she knows he was there to support her.
The Prattville native was diagnosed with cancer in high school, and Orr was the first person, other than her parents, that she told.

"That was my motivation, to help him out since he helped me out," she said.
She started her project in December and has sent 50 books to Orr, who's at an undisclosed location. Her longtime friend will be back in September, but she plans to continue raising money and sending the devotion books.

Mickle set up her nonprofit with the Internal Revenue Service and opened a bank account for the organization. Then she contacted Cokesbury, a Christian bookstore in Birmingham, and the company agreed to sell her the devotion books for $5 each.

She's raising money through local churches, business and individual donors.

Mickle said a flat-rate box from the U.S. Postal Service costs $13.15. For $150.65, she can buy and ship 25 devotion books. For $288.15, she can send 50 books; for $563.15, she can send 100.

Want to HELP?

Send Checks to:
Strength for Soldiers
209 Sweet Briar Lane
Prattville, AL 36067


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Strength for Soldiers" Needs YOUR Help!!! ASAP!

I just started a non-profit organization called "Strength for Soldiers", and it's purpose it to help raise money for devotional books for deployed soldiers and helps assists deployed chaplain’s with items they may need. Currently the chaplain's are requesting a certain devotional book called Strength for Service to God and Country. The book is from Cokesbury and I've talked to the manager and he has agreed to sell the books to us for $5.00 a piece!

Strength for Service to God and Country is a book of devotions designed for those in military service, firefighters, police officers, and others in service to their country. The new edition contains 365 devotions written by leading Protestant ministers in 1942, along with 40 new contributions from leaders of other faith groups, including Jewish, Islamic, and Roman Catholic.

I need your help raising money for this cause! I'm not asking for money from you, but rather if you know of a place where I could come speak to try & raise money! It could be your church, your business, or your local coffee group! I'll be happy to meet you anywhere to answer any questions you may have! Although if you would like to send money we won't turn it down OR if you & your church, business, or friends would like to get together & just buy some devotional books that would be amazing too! Remember every donation is a TAX DEDUCTION!

If you would like to make a donation - here's how to do it!
Checks should be made out to "Strength For Soldiers" and mailed to! Please leave a return address so I can send you a receipt & a thank you note! :)

Strength for Soldiers
209 Sweet Briar Lane
Prattville, Al 36067

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Facing Life ... and Death ...

So it's been awhile since I last posted something ... a lot has happened since February not only in my life, but I'm guessing in your life too.

Almost 20 days ago I packed up and left Prattville to head to the big city of Troy to start a new journey in my life! And I have to say it's been an amazing start so far! The classes are a little more work and a little more sleep depriving than I thought, but I'm sure I'll figure it all out! But anyways, tonight at dinner me and two girls that I just recently met were talking and Caitlin was talking about how long she and her boyfriend had been dating (2 years - in case you were wondering!) and she looked at me and said, "God, it seems like we've been dating for so much longer than that ... I guess its because over the past two years a lot of things have happened." And I couldn't agree with her more ... a year ago my friend Mark had just past away, I was just starting my senior year, starting out at a new church ... and starting to make my OWN choices!

Her statement made me stop and think about dramatic events in our lives and how they affect us after the fact. Dramatic events (obviously are dramatic) but they also stop us in our tracks - time at that moment seems to freeze.

Almost 3 years a man I've come to know and love was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I've grown up with this man, and always felt close to him, but after I was diagnosed something just connected (it was that common bond that everyone has and feels at different times). These past 3 years seem to have slipped by - I guess it was because the doctors gave him 6 months ... and after he beat that ... well, I guess I hoped he would just beat the rest. I remember praying each night "God, just let him make it to my graduation ... amen" He did indeed make it to my graduation! But all this time when everyone assumed he was getting better ... he was still taking treatment but more importantly he was still going strong! He's never let this slow him down ... Recently he found out that it had spread to his liver, and normally that means a few weeks maybe a few months ... when I found out I was upset, but I didn't understand ... Why??? He'd made it to my graduation ... he seems fine ... I can't help but remember my prayer "God, just let him make it to my graduation ... amen" - God answered that prayer, but I wanted more - more time, more laughs, more for his daughter ... until I talked to him the other day. I was being so selfish - everything I wanted I wanted for me ... somewhere in all this (while all this selfishness is because I wanted more time with him) I'd somehow forgotten about him, and what he wanted.

I ran into him at the cancer center while we were both there to get treatment, and everything just kinda flowed out of him. Questions, answers to the questions to the questions he'd been asking - but that didn't really matter anymore, thoughts on things, honesty ... He's been on some form of Chemo since he found out ... and this is what he said, "I've been speaking a lot lately to different groups, and if I can just help one person, all this will have been worth it." I could have fallen to pieces there, but luckily we both got called back - and I pushed it aside. After I got my treatment I went back to were he was at sat for a little while ... This man after all he's done DESERVES an honorable death - one with respect. He doesn't deserve to die feeling sick or hooked up to a machine ... he deserves what he wants!

I pray that, that is exactly what he receives. Like I said things these past 3 years have flown by, but that day at the cancer center - time stood still. I did my best to act like I understood, to act strong - but I realized that I didn't have to because HE did, and I couldn't be happier for him. These past 3 years while we've all been watching his body die, and his spirit grow ... I hope for his family and friends that these next few weeks time will stand still, and I pray that for him time flies until he gets his wings!

P.S. - Lt. Mangrum ... you've helped me in ways you'll never know ... much love!